Digital Humanities Methods and Tools

Have you ever considered blogging about your research tools? Is it the hassles around maintaining your own blog or finding your audience that holds you back? Would you write about what helps you to do effective research only occasionally? Then this blog is for you. It collects guest posts about Digital Humanities tools and methods. Digital Humanities scholars as well as their collaborators (data scientists, computer scientists, developers, librarians, archivists etc.) are writing for each other about know-hows, best practices, limitations & benefits or reuse potentials of research tools and methods.

This blog is an extension of the OpenMethods metablog. OpenMethods is a platform aimed at republishing and bringing together all formats of Open Access publications (e.g. re-search articles, preprints, blog posts, videos, or podcasts) in different languages about Digital Humanities methods and tools to spread the knowledge and raise peer recognition for them. The platform has been developed in close partnership with and supervision of the DARIAH community since it is an offspring of the DARIAH “Humanities at Scale” project. Relevant content is selected and curated by an international group of Digital Humanities experts to be republished on OpenMethods. The Digital Humanities methods and tools blog will serve as a pool for selection: the most interesting posts will be republished on OpenMethods.

Our goal is to reach and engage the widest possible array of Digital Humanities communities ranging from scholars taking the first steps towards going digital in their research to Digital Humanities experts who are shaping specific research areas as representatives for particular methods.

On the OpenMethods platform we do not publish original contributions but if you have an interesting blog post or video to share with the broader community around Digital Humanities, you are very welcome to share it with us as a post on this blog.

This post has been published under a Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0. license.

Image credit: Pixabay (CC0).

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